Restaurants & Cafes

Image 7 Gallons

Perfect for behind the counter, food-prep stations, and table clearing.

No hassle, zero smell. The bin is a seven gallon heavy duty black pail with a food-grade lid. Once sealed, the smells stay in and pests stay out. 

We'll wash the bins. Every service your bins are replaced with clean ones. All bins are washed with soap and hot water before being returned to you.

We take it all! In addition to regular food scraps we also accept meat, dairy, shellfish and bones. We'll take paper products (no waxes or coatings), coffee filters, teabags and a lot more. 

Paperless billing. Our payments happen automatically via credit card or bank account. Our standard plans are billed monthly or yearly. There is a ~12% discount if you pay by the year.  


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Every 100 lbs we collect keeps enough methane from entering the atmosphere to offset 550 miles of driving. You can check your business's emissions saving statistics from our website.


Need more? Let us know about your unique composting needs by emailing

# of bins Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription
1 $40/month $416/year
2 $50/month $520/year
3 $60/month $624/year
4 $70/month $728/year
5 $80/month $832/year
6 $90/month $936/year
7 $100/month $1,1040/year
8 $110/month $1,144/year