Residential Composting Service

Image 4 Gallons

Just fill it up and leave it outside before your service day

We'll take care of the rest

Our residential bins hold 4 gallons and have a sealable lid and metal handle. Leave your bin out the night before your service day with the lid snapped tight. We'll come by the next day and swap your bin out with a clean one. There are no contracts or hidden fees; you can cancel anytime. 

If you're going out of town or don't need service that week, you can request service skips from our website by text. We'll credit your account for any unused service. We'll also help you to remember to put out your bin the day before with optional SMS and email reminders. You can track your weight over time from our website so you'll know how much you are putting back in the soil. 

Each Spring at the Brighton Farmers Market, you'll be eligible to receive up to 6 cubic feet of our organic certified compost made from your very own food scraps! In lieu of compost, you can elect to have up to five 4" potted plants from Lighthouse Gardens or donate your compost to a local community garden or school.

More questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Every 100 lbs composted keeps enough methane from entering the atmosphere to offset 550 miles of driving. You can check your emissions saving statistics from your account page.

Plans & Pricing

We offer multi-bin plans for groups and individuals who have a higher volume. We encourage our customers to join up with neighbors, friends and roommates on a single multi-bin account. 

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# of bins Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription
1 (biweekly) $16/month $169/year
1 $30/month $312/year
2 $38/month $390/year
3 $46/month $468/year
4 $54/month $546/year
5 $62/month $624/year
6 $70/month $702/year
7 $78/month $780/year
8 $86/month $858/year