Bin Swaps

Image 4 Gallons

Bring us your compostables and we'll swap your bin out for a fresh one.

Every Sunday from 9am -1pm we'll be at the Brighton Farmers Market ready to swap your bins!

Here's how to get started:

Sign up here. Come to the Brighton Farmers Market any Sunday between 9am-1pm to pick-up your bins. There is a $10 deposit/bin. We ONLY accept official Community Composting bins. 

When your bin is full, bring it back to the Brighton Farmers Market and we'll exchange it with a cleaned one. The cost is $4/swap.

Unlike our other plans, there are no givebacks associated with the bin-swap program. However, you will be able to purchase compost at the member price from our stand at the market.

We accept cash or credit.

If you're already a residential customer, you are also welcome to take advantage of the bin swap program. Your subscriber price is $3/swap and it will be added to your next invoice.


Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Every 100 lbs composted keeps enough methane from entering the atmosphere to offset 550 miles of driving. You can check your emissions saving statistics from your account.


There is a flat fee of $4/swap. ($3/swap for residential subscribers)

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