Teach the benefits of composting

We work with schools by providing literature, resources, and composting services directly in the classroom. The more younger generations are exposed to composting as a social norm, the more likely they will be able to permanently adopt positive recycling habits. 

Image Interested in having us at your school? Please contact brent@communitycomposting.org for more information.

Feeding the soil

Composting has been happening as long as there has been life on Earth. It's a natural cycle that returns nutrients to the soil. We work to encourage the community to continue this cycle through an easy to use composting service. All of our food scraps are composted outdoors and carefully crafted into rich organic certified compost. Each Spring our customers are eligible to receive finished compost as part of the service.

Every year we make bulk compost donations to community gardens and schools.

There is a smarter way to deal with our food waste

Roughly half of what is thrown in the landfill can be composted.

When organic matter decomposes in a landfill it breaks down through a process called anaerobic digestion. Methane is a byproduct of this process. Though carbon dioxide is typically known as the bad boy of greenhouse gases, methane is roughly 30 times more potent as a heat trapping gas. This makes organic material in landfills a major problem for a warming planet.