Frequently Asked Questions

Is this thing compostable?

This is by far the most common question. We can take all food items and most any item that is made of organic material (organic as in "once living" not as in "certified organic"). We do not accept products that are made of "compostable" bioplastics as they take too long to decompose. We can take paper products as long as they do not have a plastic or wax coating. Shellfish, seafood, meat, dairy, yard trimmings, flowers, and bones are all acceptable. Please no pet waste.

If you are unsure about a particular items compostability, just email us at

Can I partner with my neighbors to save money?

Yes, in fact we hope you do. It is easier and more efficient to just stop once. Ask your neighbors if they are interested in joining your account. It's only an extra $8/month/bin.

Where/how do you compost the food scraps?

Vermigreen, in Palmyra, NY, processes all of our material using an outdoor turn row style compost method. They make, sell, and deliver high quality organic compost, topsoil, and mulch (minimum 3 yards) in the greater Rochester area.  They are a wonderful organization and if you are looking for bulk deliveries of any of the material listed above, give them a call.

I lost my bin, what do I do?

If it is the first time you lost your bin, no sweat, we'll replace it for you. If you keep losing your bin we'll have to charge you $10 for each replacement.

Where is the best place to put my bin on service day?

It's best if the bin is clearly visible from the street. Many customers leave their bin on their front steps. When it's icy, make sure our drivers don't have to wade through heavy snow, or traverse dangerous icy areas to service your bin.

If your service day aligns with your refuse collection, we do not recommend placing your bin next to your garbage totes.

My compost smells and/or I have fruit flies!

In the warmer months fruit flies love to seek out your compost bin and lay eggs. To prevent this we recommend keeping the lid sealed and only opening when you need to add material. Personally, we use a stainless steel countertop compost bin with a filter as an intermediary bin. There are many options available. Here is a link to the one we purchased on Amazon:

How do givebacks work?

Compost - Every spring we staff a tent at the Brighton Farmers Market. We bag our finished compost and deliver it back to you at the market. If you've been a customer for less than 4 months you'll receive one bag, between 4-8 months you'll receive 2 bags, and more than 8 months you'll receive 3. Each back is roughly 2 cubic feet.

Plants - In the Spring, come to our tent at the Brighton Market and we will give you up to 5 tickets to be used in exchange for plants from Lighthouse Gardens.

Donations - If you don't want plants or compost you can elect to donate your share to a local garden, community, or organization. We usually deliver 8-10+ yards every Spring.

Do you donate compost?

Yes! Each Spring, we choose 1-2 local gardens/community organizations and donate 8-10+ yards of compost. In the past, we have donated to the Montessori Academy, South Wedge Victory Gardens, the public food forest garden at Phyllis Wheatley Library, and the Ghandi House.

If you have a suggestion for a local garden that might be interested in receiving organic compost, please email us at

Is my credit card safe?

Yes. We use best practices when handling credit card info. Credit card numbers are not stored on our systems. We use as a processor. They store the cards securely and have an excellent reputation with internet security.