Together, we have reclaimed 962,045lbs of compostables from the landfill.
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You won't even get your hands dirty.

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2. Fill bin, place outside.
3. Pickup finished compost in the Spring!

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Throughout the week fill your bin with food scraps and other compostables.

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We will come by every service day and replace your bucket with a cleaned one.

Q: What can be composted?

A: Any food item or organic material.


fruit and vegetable scraps, pasta, bread, cereal, coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags, paper towels and paper towel rolls, paper plates, egg shells, household plants, shellfish, fish products, dairy products, meat

Not Compostable

plastic of any kind, styrofoam, metal of any kind, candles, corks, gum, cigarette butts, baby wipes, pet waste, dryer lint sheets, vacuum cleaner bags, hair, pet fur, dead animals, fireplace or bbq ashes, glass, pet food, biobags, muffin wrappers


or $312/year


or $169/year

# of bins Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription
1 $30/month $312/year
2 $38/month $390/year
3 $46/month $468/year
4 $54/month $546/year
5 $62/month $624/year
6 $70/month $702/year
7 $78/month $780/year
8 $86/month $858/year
Commercial plans are also available.

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